Meditation on Indian Deities


Hi ,

I have started practicing meditation everyday. Can i focus my attention on the form of any Indian God when i meditate?

—R.Nandini, India


Paramhansa Yogananda defined meditation as “one pointed concentration upon God or one of His aspects.” Raja Yoga typically defines the “aspects” of God as: sound, light, love, wisdom, peace, calmness, power and bliss.

Each of these can be expressed in multiple ways but, in essence, are experiential – not imaginings or mental images.

As we concentrate, as we calm the breath through techniques and interiorize our mind, we begin to feel the presence of God as a tangible experience within, ultimately expanding our consciousness beyond the body.

God manifests in an infinite variety of forms in response to the devotion of His devotees, but is limited to no form.

To concentrate your attention upon a traditional diety can be useful if it helps you to focus your inner gaze and if it stimulates your heart’s devotion. God is beyond form but within form too.

Through your concentration and heart’s call, you will eventually experience one of the aspects mentioned above. Call to that diety you love, “Reveal Thyself, reveal Thyself!” You will come to know the particular form you worship is but an expression of the Sat-Chit-Ananda (ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss) shining behind it.