A Neighbor Is Threatening Me and Disturbing My Peace of Mind


I have a neighbour whos been constantly fighting with me since I have been opposing the unfair activities of the managing body of the apt cmplx where I stay. In the last meeting among us this guy threatened me and my mom that he would thrash our faces, arms and legs. He also pointed to my fractured leg and said that God has given it to me for my sins. I am deeply hurt by these words and am foreseeing him doing grave harm to me and my mother. I wish to know how I can get divine help to fight this

—Prashanth, India



There are a number of issues here. No one has a right to threaten another with violence and physical harm. If what you relate is as you say, I recommend you take this man’s threats to the proper authorites for resolution and not confront him on your own or with your family. Were there witnesses to his threats? What was their perspective? Was the man speaking seriously? If so, let there be a record of the incident as a deterent to his doing it again.

As for the matter of angry words about why your leg has been injured, surely you don’t believe such nonsense to be true so why let it bother you? How you respond to another is in your hands and you need not let it affect you so. Ask yourself when someone says something unkind, “Is it true?” If not, let it go. I suspect you were hurt, understandably so, by his emotional outburst toward you more than by the actual words. He was angry and acting like a schoolboy because you had crossed him. It’s difficult to keep one’s peace in these situations but the world is full of such people. You will not change this man but God can. Pray for this difference between you to be resolved in the highest way and for the right thing to happen, not for your view to prevail or for him to lose. Ask God for courage to act properly and for right understanding to guide you.

This man is trying to intimidate you and I pray you do not succumb but at the same time, do use common sense. Keep your distance from him. If in the future you must interact, do so in the company of friends and neighbors while maintaining your calm by asking God to surround you with His protective light. Mentally chant God’s name and project a light onto the other person, especially seeing or imagining it at his forehead. Ask God also to touch his heart. Don’t look into his eyes and be careful not to incite him with emotion or harsh words. Speak the truth calmly but do not make accusations.

I wish you joy,
Nayaswami Jaya