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Meditation Is the Art of Self-Discovery

When I was a little girl I used to wait at the corner bus stop for the bus that would take me to school. There were buses that took students to grade school, junior high school, and high school. Sometimes the older kids would be talking about their classes, a test, math problems. I used to wonder, with a little … Read More

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Radiate Blessings From Your Heart

Dear Daily Meditator, Usually when talking about meditation, we focus on going inside. In fact, the meditative steps, as described in antiquity, are pranayama, withdrawal of the inner energy, and pratyahara, interiorization of the senses and the mind. Once we are in this inward state, we experience dharana (concentration on an inner experience); then dhyana (oneness with that experience); and … Read More

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The Holy Trinity

The Indian scriptures say that creation is cyclic: the universe comes into being, stays for a time, and then is dissolved. Furthermore, they say that these three phases of universal existence are in operation at all times: The universe is constantly being created, constantly being preserved, and constantly being dissolved again. These three forces co-exist; they are not opposing energies, … Read More

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Being Inwardly Free

Each year in March we celebrate the mahasamadhis of two great masters, Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar. Mahasamadhi means “great samadhi” — it is the conscious, willful, final exit of a master from the physical body. Scripture states that the anniversary of a mahasamadhi is a very auspicious time and consequently a great opportunity to tune into the consciousness of … Read More

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The Importance of Relaxation

Hold to the great calmness you feel during and after this practice. Cling to that peace as long as possible.

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Heaven and Earth

Paramhansa Yogananda came to the West to show us how we can attain the state of yoga-union with God. He taught that our true home is not the mud of this earth, but the light of heaven. He described earth as that which is finite, fleeting, temporary, and giving pseudo-happiness, and heaven as that which is eternal, permanent, and giving … Read More

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Celebrating Our Inner Attunement With a Great Soul

Dear Daily Meditator, What a special moment! A New Year is waiting for us, full of golden opportunities. Let’s remember: the way we begin it is essential. As Aristotle said, “Well begun is half done.” All of us, the family of Daily Meditators, may therefore determine to begin our New Year with a positive impact. Will the year be easy? … Read More

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Eight-Hour Christmas Meditation: You’re Invited!

Upon reading this title, you may be thinking, “What, eight hours! I can’t possibly do that, I just learned to meditate!” Or, “After I’ve been meditating some years, maybe I can work up to that,” or, “I don’t have the time.” If these or other objections are filling your thoughts, read on!

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30-Day Energization Challenge

Dear Friend, Think about it: Whatever method of meditation you practice, your results depend on two factors: your level of prana (energy, life force), and your ability to channel that prana in the right direction. For example, if your practice calls for concentration — on the breath, a mantra, a spiritual quality, a scriptural passage, a candle flame, or even energy itself — it’s … Read More

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God’s Zone

What is God’s zone? His zone is superconsciousness. He is Infinite, and the infinite Source of answers to all of life’s challenges. Paramhansa Yogananda said: “God is omnipresent. Man’s soul, made in His image, has in it the seed experience of omnipresence. That omnipresence is hidden in the little soul as a tree is secreted in a small seed.” Why … Read More