Guided Meditation on Calmness

Nayaswami Sahaja leads you in a 20-minute guided meditation on developing and experiencing calmness within yourself. She is a longtime meditator and lives at Ananda Village, California.

Guided Meditation for Busy People

Free yourself from stress in this 15-minute guided meditation for busy people. Experience peace of mind through this short and simple meditation for everyone. Mai Lee  is a longtime meditator and lives at Ananda Village, California.

The Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise On the Wings of Swadhyaya: Self-Study The mystery of suffering Our soul – the essence of our being – consists of pure bliss (sat-chid-ananda), as the great Masters teach us. But do you feel this bliss right now? Probably not. Instead we all suffer, go through hard times and have lives which can be amazingly tough. … Read More

Feeling – The Essence of Consciousness

Parmahansa Yogananda explained that there are four aspects to our consciousness: Mon, Buddhi, Ahankara, and Chitta. We perceive with the mind (Mon); define with the intellect (Buddhi); identify personally with the ego (Ahankara); and feel one way or another about things (Chitta). Most people identify their capacity to feel with their emotions and therefore, with the reactive process. The essence … Read More