What Is the Difference Between Meditation and Prayer?

Ordinary prayer consists of addressing our desires, half in belief and half in doubt, to an unknown God. Never pray with disbelief in your heart or with a sense of hopelessness thinking that God will not listen to your prayers. The only way to know God through prayer is by persistence, regularity, and depth of loving effort. Pray intelligently with … Read More

The Healing Power of Meditation

One important benefit is the healing of the nervous system. Meditation gives peace. Inner peace is like a lubricating oil that enables the machinery of our lives to function smoothly. Without mental peace, our emotions, and the various challenges that we face in life create inner stress that can lead to a physical and nervous breakdown. Negative emotions create blocks … Read More

When Pain Challenges Daily Meditation

The subject of physical pain oftentimes comes up when sharing with people about their meditation practice.   While each person’s circumstance is very different, a few simple adjustments to our perspective and attitude can make a big difference. “God, let’s do this together.” Swami Kriyananda wrote the following about overcoming pain: “A few years ago I had been working very hard, … Read More