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Ananda Course in Meditation (Testimonial by Jeff)

Learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s Scientific Meditation Techniques Whether a beginning or experienced meditator, take this meditation class to develop or deepen your daily meditation practice and connect with your higher Self. Next session starting September 30th! The Powerful Tool of Daily Meditation Daily meditation helps us overcome our limitations and achieve our highest potential. Meditators worldwide testify that meditation helps … Read More

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How Meditation Changed My Life

In the summer of 2017, I came across Steve Jobs, the authorized, self-titled biography by Walter Isaacson. Up until that time, I had never read a book that big. The size of the book was formidable but to my surprise, Jobs’ life and Isaacson’s writing were quite captivating. Not only did I read the entire book but I also later … Read More

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Meditation: The Most Important Thing, Ever! (Podcast)

There are innumerable practices clubbed loosely under “meditation”. But what is meditation and why is it so important? Is it a stress buster? Is it a manifesting tool? Is it the way to God? Narayani and Shurjo share Paramhansa Yogananda’s wisdom and meditations on this very fundamental subject. #happinessnow #meditation #mostimportant #podcast #paramhansayogananda

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Spiritual Surrender

Paramhansa Yogananda explained that spiritual surrender means self-offering of one’s will to God. It is not passive, but an active offering of oneself into the will of God. Experience the power of self-offering of oneself to God, through this guided meditation, sounds of ocean waves and soothing music. Guided by Nayaswami Diksha

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Ever Present Joy

Meditation is that level of absorption when one has an actual experience of God or one of His attributes.  –Swami Kriyananda A friend came to see me recently very discouraged with her lack of progress in meditation. Knowing that she’d been meditating for several years, I wondered what the problem was. “I never see God or the Masters in meditation,” … Read More

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Help Me to Make Spiritual Progress

Recently, a long-time friend shared with me that they are not doing their spiritual practices; they are without faith, and even losing their belief. This person explained to me that they know what needs to be done but do not have the energy to do it. It saddened me deeply to hear this. The only door open to me was … Read More