Prayers to Defuse Nuclear Threat

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” 

Blessed are they who live unshakably in the consciousness of inner peace; who emanate peace to everyone whose lives they touch. They shall be hailed as instruments of the Lord. (Swami Kriyananda in his commentary on the Beatitudes.) 


Visualize Jesus Christ, Mahavatar Babaji and all of our Masters sitting in lotus posture in wide and luminous golden arc high above the Pacific Ocean, with one end of the arc over North Korea and the other end extending all the way to the USA.  See the Gurus sitting infinitely huge and high above this arc of light…

Arc of Light over Ocean

See the arc of Light also blessing and guiding all nations who are involved in any way, such as Japan, China, Russia, South Korea, and all Pacific nations, for they would all be affected by a war in the region, or if North Korea detonates a hydrogen bomb in the ocean, contaminating it.

Visualize the Light acting as a divine magnet, lifting up the consciousness of all of the leaders and citizens so that they might find a divine solution.

Invoke our line of Masters, and the healing Angels to activate any and all solutions to avert war and nuclear threats. We pray for this light to bless and guide us all toward the highest solution possible under any given circumstances that may arise concerning this crisis. See this Light guiding all human solutions on the table at this time, as well any unseen Divine solutions NOW. 


Please share this visualization far and wide.

Commentary to this visualization:

Life on this planet is like a school. Some inhabitants are in grad school and some, seemingly, although having reached adulthood, are still in preschool. And many of those reading this blog would figuratively be the Divinity students of this world. So we all need to offer healing prayers. Every bit helps.

When it comes to prayers for the planet, we can’t waste time and energy bemoaning how the crisis got to this point.  We have to pray for what is occurring now in front of us.  Our best hope is to pray as the angels would pray. Stay centered and bring Light where there is receptivity. Realize that every player involved possesses all seven chakras, even though those chakras may seem to be asleep at the wheel. Sometimes prayer can help a leader to come from the higher chakras when making an important decision.

The great modern mystic, Frank Laubach, and author of Prayer the Mightiest Force in the World: Thoughts for a Thermonuclear Age, had a prayer group focused on national and international concerns. He said that it is uncanny the good that can happen when we pray regarding world events, but we found that we have to keep it up every day.

Daily prayer is needed because many political leaders are naturally “at home” in their third chakras, the center of power, with some of their nearby chakras also peripherally involved. But some decisions have such huge implications that they require the upper chakras of divine love, peace, intuition, and wisdom.

Transformation of even the most deluded person can happen at any moment, but we cannot be naive. Sometimes prayers are needed to uplift those in power, and sometimes prayers are needed to thwart evil and to protect as many innocent people as possible.  May Light prevail.

All nations have flaws and problems; that is part and parcel of being here in earth’s “school.” We all have lessons to learn. But recently the UN Security Council cast a unanimous vote for sanctions against North Korea, and China recently agreed to cut off any bank business with North Korea. These actions, along with Russia and Japan condemning NK nuclear threats, point to the worldwide assessment that North Korea is the current “problem child” of the planet. Sanctions are hard on a nation, of course, but nuclear war is harder still. Hopefully this crisis can be sorted out quickly.

Conflicts, as well as alliances between nations, often go back for decades and even centuries. For those prayer participants who feel that they may pray better knowing the expanded context, you can review this timeline of 40 maps that explain North Korea. But if you don’t want to review the maps, that is perfectly fine. Just focus on the visualization at the top of this post. The maps are only offered as a courtesy for those who want them.

You can read about our past healing prayers for world peace here and here,  as well as in my new book, A Healer’s Handbook.

Thank you for your service through healing prayer.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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