Dear Healing Prayer Group,

My elder son, Peter Sanjaya Kretzmann, and his fiancee, Gayatri Allison Regester are getting married on September 5.  As you can imagine, family and friends will be arriving a few days prior to that…  And I will be traveling with other members of the family for a few days after the wedding.

So, I will do my last (for now) Thursday zoom satsang on September 1.  Thursday Healing Prayers – 8:30-9 AM Pacific Time – Prayers for the Planet (Part1)  – followed immediately by Part 2: healing prayers for individuals.  Come for whatever part you can. 

…Then I will take a break until my Tuesday Zoom on September 13 – Tuesday Evening Prayers – 5-6 PM Pacific Time.


After that, I will probably keep the previous zoom prayer schedule… but the time off may bring up some new refinements. And I am open to suggestions. The current schedule seems to help people join from a variety of time zones.

The zoom prayer groups have turned into wonderful opportunities to go deeper in healing… We have seen many blessings come from the prayers.  There is dynamic energy when we join to pray together. As Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I AM in the midst of you.”

Please join whenever you have an interest or a special prayer need, etc.

Thank you all for the prayers you have done for others.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry 

PS . This is a world planet healing visualization that I recorded last year…


  1. Thank you Mary for the wonderful blessing that you have share with us praying and healing for the world as well as individuals. You have taken me to a much deeper level in my understanding and practice of the healing that Yogananda has taught.
    May you have many blessings and joy with your family coming together to celebrate Peter and Gayatri getting married. Aum Guru.

  2. Dear Mary ,
    Congratulations to dear Sanjaya and Gayatri.
    Many blessings to the couple. May their new journey together be a wonderful experience.
    We all are grateful for this zoom channel. You have touched so many lives. Given hope and solace to numerous people.
    Intact one Gurubhai said ” You are the answer to our prayers”
    It is a great honour to be praying with you for the world, dharma and individuals. Your presence uplifts our vibrations.
    Specially the satsang after  the prayers ,the MBO’s  (Mary’s Big Opinion)  as we lovingly call them are priceless gems.
    Much love and gratitude

  3. Happy to learn that your son is getting married. Congratulations to the couple. Thank you so much for your prayers. I have learned to pray for planet from you and I continue praying. Your sessions are magical.

  4. Thank you so much Ms Mary for your wonderful healing prayer sessions. They are a wonderful source of blessings and inspiration for so many of us. The prayer sessions have helped me get through many difficult times over the past couple of years. Prayers and best wishes for Mr Peter and Ms Allison as they embark on this beautiful journey together. Hope to see you and Mr. Bhima again once the zoom sessions resume 😀

  5. Blessings and a huge congratulations to Peter and Gayatri.🌻🎉🙌💐
    Thank you Mary for all your support. 🙏🏻🌟
    Thank you Bhima ji.🙏🏻🌟
    Looking forward to see you soon on Zoom.

  6. Dear Mary
    Heartiest congratulations to you and your family. May Master keep the blessed couple in his grace always.
    Aum Guru

  7. Dear Mary,
    Congratulations to the whole family on the occasion of the marriage of your son Sanjaya & Gayatri. May all the blessings of God & Gurus be showered on them.

  8. Congratulations and best wishes to Peter Sanjaya and Gayetri in their new journey together!! Let the happy occasion be full of joyful celebration in the light of Great Masters ‘ and Divine Mother’s blessings 🙌 💐💕
    We wish Mary happy reunion with family and friends and wait eagerly to have her back in our prayer meetings❣🙏

  9. Heartiest congratulations to the new couple! Wishing them both a life of love, joy and learning together! Wishing you a wonderful and blessed family time!!

  10. Dear Mary,
    Congratulations on the marriage of Sanjaya. May Master’s light encompass them today and always… So happy to hear the news of the wedding in the family.
    Please enjoy your break – we will continue praying for the world.
    You have opened up new vistas for us with these prayers – my meditations are deeper, and I realise that I am more compassionate, more understanding of others. I believe that the sessions have helped my spiritual growth tremendously.
    I am so grateful to you for these amazing sessions, for your time, your energy, your sharing of your experiences, and of course, for your prayers and blessings.
    Thank you – lots of love.
    Aum Guru

  11. Dear Mary many congratulations. Thank you for being our praying Angel. Many blessings to Peter and Gayatri. Wishing Master’s love and grace on them and the ceremony. Aum

  12. Many many congratulations to u. U r a lovely and kind. Hope u and fmly enjoy precious events and always together and jfull of joy. 🍰🌸🌺🌷
    Because of ur kind blessings in 2014 when my father who had passed away i met him in dream dream . It was such that i knew iam dreaming i am sleeping on bed. I was fully aware and present in both dream as well as awake. Icannot discribe.

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