Friday, March 12 from 7:00pm to 12-Midnight

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Friday, March 12 from 7:00pm to 12-Midnight

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Shivaratri is officially on March 11. However, we have traditionally held our Shivaratri celebrations on Fridays. In keeping with this tradition, our celebration is on Friday, March 12 via Zoom. We are currently deciding on a start time, but we will continue until midnight.

We will celebrate Shivatratri based on Swamiji’s book, Hindu Way of Awakening, honoring the Maha Yogi Lord Shiva. Staying awake is symbolic of the kind of awareness and oneness of purpose that a truth seeker needs to reach the divine goal and is said to be rewarded with a boon to those who dedicate themselves through the night.

The evening will be full of bhajan (Indian chants), and later, during our time to honor Divine Mother and Guru, we will go ever more deeply within with quieter and more inward chants. Learn about some of the Gods through the stories, and experience aratis through the night: Ganesha (the remover of obstacles and bearer of boons), Shiva (renunciation), Divine Mother (devotion), and Yoganandaji.

You won’t want to miss this sacred event! Wear Indian clothes if you like (villagers can rent from Maghi) and have your own sacred items, and even musical instruments, nearby while we celebrate and meditate together.

Jai Guru!
Jai Shiva!

Event Schedule

Note: This is a general flow of the evening. Broadcasts are from the Village/Ashram, Palo Alto and India.

7:00pm    Welcome & Opening Prayer (Village/Ashram)

                   Rice Puja begins and lasts throughout the evening

                   Arati to Lord Shiva

                   Stories & Chants

                   Shiva Dance (Palo Alto)

                   Meditation with Lord Shiva

8:00pm    Arati to Lord Ganesha (Village/Ashram)

Stories & Chants

Meditation with Lord Ganesha

9:00pm    Arati to Divine Mother (Palo Alto)

Stories & Chants

                     Healing Prayers & Prayer List

Instrumental Chant with Panduranga (pre-recorded)

10:35pm    Arati to Master (India)

Energization Exercises
Stories & Chants

11:30pm      Story & Chants (Village Monks)

11:55pm      Closing Prayer & Meditation (Village/Ashram)