Young adulthood is all about exploring the big questions in life and finding a place in the world. Many young adults find themselves immersed in philosophical discussions late into the night, examining their deep-seated beliefs. It’s also a perfect time to take up a spiritual practice when you have fewer responsibilities to others and your mind is full of energy and enthusiasm for all the possibilities life holds. Here you will find resources to support you in your spiritual journey.

Living in Community

Ananda’s Next Generation Gathering in Italy

Karma Yoga Programs: Visit a Spiritual Community

Learn to spiritualize your daily life in an ashram environment, with a community of like-minded individuals practicing meditation and living a spiritual life.

Life Skills

Ananda Leadership Training Online Course

A comprehensive course in the special style of decision making and leadership that has developed at Ananda over the last forty years. Includes topics such as: spiritual counseling, budgeting, time management, marketing, crisis management, and more. You can sign up for the whole course or individual classes.

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Paramhansa Yogananda playfully and powerfully explains virtually everything needed to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

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The principles in this book promote physical health and all-round well-being, mental clarity, and ease and inspiration in your spiritual life.

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Find, build, and sustain a successful career. These inspirational ideas are simple, effective ways to improve your working life.

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The soul has everything it needs to meet every test of life. As you live in tune with the power of your soul, your life will be completely transformed.

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Paramhansa Yogananda shares how we can achieve the highest success with material and spiritual efficiency.

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Drawn from the author’s many years of successful leadership in numerous contexts, the book gives you clear and practical techniques.

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Friendship, love, marriage, children: Learn how selfless love is the central ingredient in your spiritual growth.

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This book can change your life by changing how you think and feel about money.

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Blog Posts by Young Adults

Bringing Spirit Into Daily LIfe

Brad and Lauren share their journey of transformation through the path of Karma Yoga, meditation and community.

Kalidas shares his story of meditation and the art of shifting his consciousness.

A Modern Monk (3:10)

Kamran, a high school teacher, speaks to the importance of spiritual education of his calling to become a monk in this modern age.

Kalamali opens up about her journey in mastering the skill of self acceptance through meditation.

Rachel shares her experience with meditation as a great tool to connect with the only relationship that really matters – the one with your higher self.

Indra talks about how meditation helps him focus and direct his energy as he reaches for his highest truth and potential.

An interview with Melody Hansen about her life in a community of people dedicated to living a spiritual life and how it supports her and her family.

Narayan talks about his experience of the benefits of the Guru-Disciple relationship.

Melody tells us the how to become happy by choosing happiness.

Developing a Personal Relationship with God