Episode 37: How to Overcome Bad Habits

Swami Kriyananda

The less strongly we identify with our ego, the easier it is for us to change.

Swami Kriyananda talks about learning languages, tells the story of an interesting (and quite dangerous!) trip to Bali, and how he overcame smoking by saying, instead of “I’ve failed,” that “I haven’t yet succeeded.”

Questions include:

  • How can people overcome bad habits?
  • What about getting rid of addictive habits, like smoking?
  • How do you reinforce a good habit?
  • Is there a point beyond which we rise above all habit, altogether?

Ask Me About Truth

Swami Kriyananda answers questions about truth and many spiritual subjects, as he learned about them directly from Paramhansa Yogananda. (These talks were recorded in 2012, before Swami Kriyananda's passing.)