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"In the Spirit"

Swami Kriyananda
March 9, 2023

Swami Kriyananda wrote this song, “In the Spirit,” after visiting the island of Patmos, off the coast of Greece. On this island Saint John wrote the book of Revelations. This was the inspiration for this song. Many musicians attempted to play the introductory organ prelude but it wasn’t until 2003 in India a person named Dhananjaya played the introduction as Swamiji had heard it. This is that recording.


I was caught up in ecstasy:
’Twas a day sanctified by God.
There He showed me the truths of heaven,
Truths which all, seeking Him, should know:

How the soul, made to live in freedom,
Can reclaim its eternal right;
How the night, born of our delusions,
Can be fired, blazing with His light.


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