Nayaswami Mukti is an Ananda Minister and long-time resident of Ananda Village. She leads and facilitates meditation and spiritual life programs at The Expanding Light Retreat. She is also a key member of the Ananda Music Ministry.

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Listening to the Inner Sounds

Dear Ankesh, The technique you describe (Anhata Naad) is listening to Aum. Aum is the sound made by the vibration of God’s presence within us and all around us. It is the sound of God’s creative manifestation of the whole ... Read More

Seeing a Scary Image in Meditation

Dear Swati, Our goal in meditation is to dive into Divine Presence. When entering this level of consciousness we experience stillness, peace, joy, calmness and other divine qualities.  We are embraced in a positive, uplifting vibration that can be life-changing. ... Read More

Looking for Spiritual Community

Dear Thomas, You have made an important discovery that spiritual progress is helped greatly by being surrounded by like-minded people. Here at Ananda we live in a spiritual community dedicated to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Yogananda recommended that spiritually ... Read More

Eye Twitching During Meditation

Dear Heather, I think you might be lifting your gaze too high and causing muscle tension in the muscles around the eyes. Try this eye position technique: Hold your thumb upturned, extend your arm directly out in front of you ... Read More

Posture for Meditation

Dear Kashyap, These points you mention — the hand position on thighs, shoulders drawn back, chest lifted high —  are all part of proper meditation position but are not the meditation technique itself. What is best is to adjust your meditation position before ... Read More

Experience of Energy and Light in the Room

Dear Nicky, Our environment is not only a physical one that we experience with our five senses. We also are surrounded and filled with cosmic energy and cosmic consciousness. Creation first manifests as the thought of God. From that thought ... Read More

Tension During Meditation Causes Disturbing Experience

Dear Edvinas, The experiences you describe could be due to excess tension when you meditate. They are not part of normal meditation experience. Meditation requires that we be deeply relaxed but very alert. On our website there are some ... Read More

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