Nayaswami Mukti is an Ananda Minister and long-time resident of Ananda Village. She leads and facilitates meditation and spiritual life programs at The Expanding Light Retreat. She is also a key member of the Ananda Music Ministry.

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What Is the Ultimate Goal of My Life?

Dear Varun, I recently read a quote from someone well-known in the fitness world encouraging people to “widen the aperture of what’s possible for yourself”. These are inspiring words but often the ‘aperture’ people are encouraged to expand into, in ... Read More

Spontaneous Movement During Meditation

Dear Yann, In meditation the energy withdraws inward from the body into the astral or energy spine and then upward through the chakras (or energy centers) to the spiritual eye, also referred to as the 6th chakra, the point between ... Read More

Do You Leave the Body When You Achieve Enlightenment?

Dear Akansh, The short answer is: it is not necessary to die physically in order to achieve enlightenment. Saint Paul, one of the earliest followers of Jesus Christ, said, “I die daily.” He meant that he “died” to his limited ... Read More

Visual Images During Meditation: Good and Bad

Dear Pradnya, Visual images sometimes come in meditation. If we are deep in meditative stillness and bliss, we may see images connected with the spiritual eye or with saints. These come because we have entered into higher consciousness, which is ... Read More

Strange Experience During Root Chakra Meditation

Dear Vanessa, In our tradition here at Ananda, which is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the focus of our meditation practice is the spiritual eye — the point between the eyebrows — the positive pole of the 6th ... Read More

I Think I Opened My Spiritual Eye

Dear Luz, What you are seeing is not the spiritual eye but a visual image that is probably coming from your subconscious. It sounds as though you saw this under some circumstances where your consciousness was forced into this state. ... Read More

In Meditation I Feel a Disturbing Sensation in My Head

Dear Girish, As I am not trained in Vipasana meditation I will need to answer your question with some general principles about meditation. In meditation we seek to still our mind and uplift our awareness that we might experience oneness ... Read More

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