Nayaswami Mukti is an Ananda Minister and long-time resident of Ananda Village. She leads and facilitates meditation and spiritual life programs at The Expanding Light Retreat. She is also a key member of the Ananda Music Ministry.

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Why Does Hardship Come and What Can I Do?

Dear Godseeker, It is so beautiful that you have felt a lifelong connection with God and have experienced that divine presence in nature and in other people. When the devotee has a strong spiritual commitment, God urges us to come ... Read More

How to Focus at the Spiritual Eye

Dear Luis, Meditation involves an inward and upward focus of our awareness, withdrawing energy from the senses, and tuning into subtle divine realities. The spiritual eye, the energy center at the point between the eyebrows, is the doorway to these ... Read More

My Husband Died Suddenly

Dear Richa, First please accept the love and condolences I am offering on behalf of Ananda Sangha to you and your family for your loss. I am sending prayers to you, your son, and the soul of your husband. There ... Read More

If I Have Vision Problems, Can I See the Third Eye?

Dear Nagaraj, The third eye, also called the spiritual eye, is an energy center (the 6th chakra) in the astral spine and not a physical structure of the body. Those who are born blind or lose sight during their lives ... Read More

Understanding the Death of a Child

Dear Rohit, I am so sorry for your loss. The death of a child is one of the most difficult losses one can experience. We naturally want to know why this happened, but any answer really does not soothe the ... Read More

Excess Tension in the Body and at the Third Eye

Dear Julian, The problems you describe could all be related to excess tension in the body and mind. I suggest that you try relaxation techniques and meditation practice to help with these concerns. In relaxation we withdraw the energy inward ... Read More

Shocks in Body When Meditating

Dear Trinity, I am not sure why you are having these shocks when you meditate, but one possibility is that your body is not relaxed. I suggest you experiment with strategies to relax the body and see if it helps. ... Read More

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