Nayaswami Mukti is an Ananda Minister and long-time resident of Ananda Village. She leads and facilitates meditation and spiritual life programs at The Expanding Light Retreat. She is also a key member of the Ananda Music Ministry.

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Can Meditation Cure Bodily Diseases?

Dear Venkateswararao, The short answer is: yes, meditation can cure bodily disease. But how does this happen? Meditation helps us to consciously open to God’s presence. The more open we are, the more freely God’s healin­g energy can flow int­­o ... Read More

I See the Spiritual Eye When My Brain Is in an Alpha State. I Don’t Want to See It Anymore.

Dear Crystal, I wonder if you are seeing the true spiritual eye which appears when we have tuned deeply into Divine consciousness. You might be instead seeing something that is actually part of a subconscious state. The state that you ... Read More

How Do I Find Direction in My Life?

Dear Luisa, I am guessing you might be a young person nearing or just entering adulthood who is seeking to live life from higher consciousness and looking for spiritual guidance. Since you have addressed your question to representatives of Ananda ... Read More

What Is this Happiness I Feel During Meditation?

Dear Babji, The bliss that you describe in meditation comes from your soul as you reunite with your source, the Divine Presence also called God. From that place you are able to see this Presence vibrating at the center of ... Read More

When Is the Best Time to Meditate?

Dear Abhijit, Yogananda recommends meditating twice a day. Most important is the regularity of our meditation — daily if possible. The length of our meditation increases as we go deeper into our practice, so 10-15 minutes length is a good ... Read More

Meditating on the Third Eye

Dear Jyoti, It sounds like you have a committed meditation practice and are ready for guidance on next steps in meditation technique. Concentration at the third or spiritual eye is part of our meditation practice at Ananda. The tunnel and ... Read More

Can I Progress Spiritually if I Have Career and Family?

Dear Tj Akshay, Yogananda and our line of masters were given the divine mission to show that people could live in the world as householders, serve the world in material plane occupations, and also seek God and achieve liberation. Although ... Read More

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