I Feel Responsible for My Parents’ Deaths


My both parents expired due to covid. As a daughter, had admitted them in good hospital, but in spite of best medication, lost both of them in a month’s time. I feel guilty and stressed that I was the reason for their infection & death, since I had brought them to my home, not being aware that my Mom in law, residing at my home is infected with covid. Did this tragedy happen due to parents karma or due to my mistake? I want to speak & ask forgiveness with my parents soul, please help me.

—Priya V, India


Dear Priya,

My sincere condolences on the sudden loss of both of your parents. Please don’t allow your grieving to turn into self-blame. If you had no way of knowing that your mother-in-law was infected with COVID when you invited your parents to your home, there is no way you are responsible for their deaths.

Often we blame ourselves when bad things happen that are actually not under our control. Self-blame will not bring your parents back and will get in the way of the genuine grieving you must be going through with their loss. We must accept that God is in charge of this world and this universe. We cannot see into the mind of God. Although we long to know the reason ‘why’ bad things happen, it is usually not for us to know. There is that part of us, though, that demands to know and demands to be in control. But that part of us, known as the ego, never gets its way in the end. Attuning to God’s will for us is such an essential part of our spiritual growth. It is relaxing away from the ego’s demands and accepting God’s direction for our lives.

I encourage you to send prayers for your parents’ souls. Ask God to help them release any memory of fear, suffering, or regret. See them radiant in Divine Mother’s love and light. Send them your love and express your appreciation for the loving care they gave you as they nurtured you throughout your life. This is the way you can contact them.

Also spend some time each day opening yourself to God’s love and light. Your parents acted as channels for God’s love to you as you grew. Allow this love to flood your being now. You will honor your parents’ memory if you grow in your closeness to God as a result of this experience.

May you heart be filled with God’s light and comfort,
Nayaswami Mukti