Our emotions can be experienced physically as a “broken heart” or “gut wrenching” grief or fear and numerous other manifestations related to any of the chakras. Our chakras and physical organs are linked energetically through the nervous system.

With regards to healing ailments caused by emotions, the first goal is to heal any disharmonious emotion itself. Notice what triggers the emotion and the physical sensation that accompanies it. Identify the emotion very clearly and ask yourself if you need to continue to experience it or if you can choose not to and let it go. This is very different than suppression which shoves the feeling inside and doesn’t allow any expression. Suppression will most certainly erupt outwardly at some point or cause a physical ailment due to the dis — ease manifested in ones body. It’s better to allow outward expression of a challenging emotion in a neutral setting than to hold on to the emotion or suppress it within oneself.


Overcoming Fear and Negative Thoughts

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from Roopa: I am practicing meditation and kriya from 2012 onwards, but still I am having fear, negative thoughts etc. How can I overcome from these negative emotions?

Emotions and the Chakras

Question from Rajat: Hi, I found out that suppressed emotions get lodged in the physical body thus creating various physical ailments. But I also got to know that the chakras which are responsible for the working of the human organs also get affected by pent up emotions. My main question is that are we supposed to work on clearing the chakras or clearing…


Cut the Cord of Attachment

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from Lavanyan: Hi , Lately I’m struggling with jealousy. I’m feeling so jealous about a family member who is much younger than me and is going to have better education and better life than me. I know that’s bad. I need help to overcome it. How can I stop it? I wake up at midnight with these thoughts are bothering me. I…


How Can I Overcome My Fear?

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Roopa: 2013 one astrologer said to me that for my husband march 2016 is a bad time etc etc This is haunting me. I am not getting concentration during meditation and at night also i feel very tensed. How will i overcome my fear? How can i get in tune with guru so that i can live my life fearless and…


Too Weak to Pray

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Anurag: I feel so weak that i dont even have the power to pray to god.


How to Transform Strong Emotions and Stress

Nayaswami Pranaba

Question from Friend: What is the difference energetically between very strong moods and post traumatic stress or emotional symptoms that arise from a traumatic experience? Using the techniques taught by Master, I can overcome any mood, but recently I find that waves of emotion associated with past experiences are resurfacing. Sometimes they are very difficult to overcome and control in the moment.


Meditation Practice Makes Me Emotional

Nayaswami Diksha

Question from Nirja: Dear friend, I have had this question for a while, but I feel like this situation is getting worse, but can meditating a lot (thrice a day) make you more sensitive? I feel like I’ve been crying way too much lately, even by my standards :) Even someone mistakenly raising their voice at me seems to break my heart. Also,…


Is There an Unhappy Spirit in My Home?

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from Sonia: Hey, How do you know if someone is trying to communicate with you? It seems as though every time I cry about the same thing, that night something happens. Such as my bracelet got snapped in my bathroom, my chair moved in the kitchen, and I get cold chills as though something walks through me. My boyfriend stayed over last…


Who Is My mother? Who Is My father?


Question from sai parvathi v: My problem is that, i feel that i should have no conflicts with people around me (my parents) and no emotional blocks mounting in my heart to grow spiritually. Unfortunately, i have so many things, that i want to talk to my parents. But they are not the listening type. When i speak, they immediately try to contradict what i…

Music that Raises – or Lowers – the Emotions

David Eby

Question from Alan: Why is it that I get easily moved by some secular music, like soft rock and others, but when I listen to spiritual hymns, chants and kirtans I don’t feel very moved by it? Does this mean that I am not really very spiritual?