Emotions and the Chakras



I found out that suppressed emotions get lodged in the physical body thus creating various physical ailments. But I also got to know that the chakras which are responsible for the working of the human organs also get affected by pent up emotions.

My main question is that are we supposed to work on clearing the chakras or clearing the body of repressed emotions in order to cure the health problems.

Thank you for your support,

Please do reply.

—Rajat, India


Dear Rajat,

Our emotions can be experienced physically as a “broken heart” or “gut wrenching” grief or fear and numerous other manifestations related to any of the chakras. Our chakras and physical organs are linked energetically through the nervous system.

With regards to healing ailments caused by emotions, the first goal is to heal any disharmonious emotion itself. Notice what triggers the emotion and the physical sensation that accompanies it. Identify the emotion very clearly and ask yourself if you need to continue to experience it or if you can choose not to and let it go. This is very different than suppression which shoves the feeling inside and doesn’t allow any expression. Suppression will most certainly erupt outwardly at some point or cause a physical ailment due to the dis — ease manifested in ones body. It’s better to allow outward expression of a challenging emotion in a neutral setting than to hold on to the emotion or suppress it within oneself.

The highest goal with negative emotions of any sort is to transcend them with their opposite positive feeling. For example, if you feel anger or hatred, ask for God’s grace in helping you to feel peace, understanding and love towards the object of your anger or hatred. It is very important to ask for Divine assistance with any troubling emotion or situation in your life. Allow your self to be very calm and still and listen for God’s guidance in your heart. Then with childlike faith, follow the guidance God gives you to overcome the disharmony you are experiencing.

Keep your attention directed upward toward the spiritual eye between the eyebrows to assist with transcending emotions and karma. This is a very helpful practice along with the other techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda to uplift our consciousness.

Joy to you as you and best wishes in your healing!