Overcoming Fear and Negative Thoughts


I am practicing meditation and kriya from 2012 onwards, but still I am having fear, negative thoughts etc. How can I overcome from these negative emotions?

—Roopa, India


Dear Roopa,

We are very glad to hear that you are practicing meditation and Kriya Yoga. You ask how to overcome fears and negative emotions. We all need to work on those kinds of attitudes in our lives and Kriya will be a great help to you.

Negative emotions are simply energy moving in the wrong direction, that is, downward through your spine and outward to the world. They are caused by attachments, of wanting things to be different from the way they are. So the obvious solution is to let go of all attachments.

I know that’s “…easier said, than done,” but you can work on this process gradually. Again, Kriya goes a long way towards making it easier.

I, too, have had trouble overcoming various fears in my life, even though I have been a faithful Kriya Yoga devotee for many years. So I wrote a short article about ways of overcoming fears, that I found which worked for me, with Yogananda’s help, of course! Perhaps they can help you also. Please see this article I wrote, I Live Without Fear. You might also like to read this: I Live Without Fear by Narayan, or this: Fearlessness by Radhika.