Who Is My mother? Who Is My father?


My problem is that, i feel that i should have no conflicts with people around me (my parents) and no emotional blocks mounting in my heart to grow spiritually. Unfortunately, i have so many things, that i want to talk to my parents. But they are not the listening type. When i speak, they immediately try to contradict what i say. After years of trying, i have given up trying to talk to them.I have not expressed what's in my heart.I feel no peace within and i am always made to carry this burden.

—sai parvathi v, india


Dear One,

Joy to you. Know you’re not alone. Lots of people on the spiritual path think, “Now that I’m on the spiritual path I should” have no conflicts or tension around my heart.”

Unfortunately, until we are fully liberated, self-realized, or merged fully in God, we will have conflicts with people and with many parts of life due to the misdirected sensations in our hearts.

It’s quite difficult to remember this life is God’s play. He’s the author, director, and producer. We’re just actors in His divine drama.

Sometimes, it can quite difficult for us to remember that everything is perfect in God’s play but due to our identification with our ego, we find at times that life can be upsetting and disappointing.

We all have lots of emotional blocks in our hearts for a boatload of reasons. Lifetimes of likes and dislikes are logged deep in our astral spine.

“Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodh” is a famous quote that helps us understand how powerful these blockages can be to our spiritual growth and hopes for happiness. Loosely translated the phrase means that with the proper practice of Raja Yoga the energy blockages lodged in our hearts can be neutralized. Kriya Yoga, in particular is a yoga practice that is likened to having a life-raft on the ocean of life. Our website has lots of valuable information relative to Kriya Yoga.

Please don’t quote me, but here goes, from the Christian Bible we find a statement by Jesus, “Who is my mother? Who is my Father but he who loves God?”

It is believed that Jesus recognized his birth parents, but he also knew that his spiritual family is what really mattered when on the spiritual path.

Many of us on the spiritual path find ourselves at odds with our parents even when they ever adore us. Pray for the wisdom to know when and what to say to our parents in and effort to keep harmony in the home.

Satsang,” being with spiritually like-minded devotees, is huge for overcoming the loneliness that can come with being on the spiritual path. Look for an Ananda meditation group or center you can connect with and you will feel the blessings from the Masters through your fellow devotees.

Feel free to write to us as often as you need. That’s why we are here. The Ananda Sangha online is meant to support your spiritual wellbeing.

Studying uplifting spiritual teachings for thirty minutes and writing for ten minutes also has a way of calming feelings of loneliness. And most important, keep your focus on God alone. Offer your feelings, good and bad, to your Heavenly Father and your Divine Mother. God can’t resist us when we give our all to Him.

I welcome your comments and blessings to you and yours,
Nayaswami Gopal