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Prayers for a War-Torn Area

by Mary Kretzmann During our weekly healing prayer nights, I regularly end the sessions with a general prayer for planetary healing. Using Paramhansa Yogananda’s longer and deeper Technique for Healing at a Distance, I guide the group to visualize the earth floating in space between their hands. We concentrate on a particular nation or continent, send healing light through our … Read More


A Disappointing First Meditation Experience?

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from Adam: I decided to try meditation for the first time. I did the method of relaxing my whole body then counted down from 100. That’s when I first noticed the numbness enveloping my entire body, even my breathing felt numb as if I weren’t even breathing. Then the tingling sensation, at first only slight in my legs then my entire body, … Read More

Online Book

Finding God in Your Family

Over the years, many friends and acquaintances have asked me to write down my ideas regarding children, especially in terms of helping them to open up to their own spiritual nature, but also in the more practical areas of life. Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: The Task of Motherhood Is Holy Chapter 2: “One foot in front of the … Read More


What is the Point of Prayer?

Nayaswami Sahaja

Question from jon: Hi,What is the point of praying when Yogananda says that you can not get more then you deserve? If I deserve little I will get little. It doesn’t matter how much I pray or meditate. It’s all a waste of time. Am I wrong? Did I misunderstand something?


Which Voice is Speaking to Me?

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from MIchael: Lately I have been praying deeply to God, asking Him to speak to me, to show me a sign. I begin connecting the dots of thoughts, like I’ll see a sticker on a car or a license plate, and then there will be a coincidence, like the sticker is of my birth place, then I’ll see something else and go … Read More

When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

By Mary Kretzmann excerpted from “Finding God in Your Family” Children ask about the beginning of life. It may come up after they heard something on the schoolyard, and when we the parents aren’t quite ready for it. It might be sparked by things in movies, discussions at school, or by items in the news. And, of course, it comes … Read More

Healing Products

A Healer’s Handbook Channeling the Light of Yogananda and Christ Mary Kretzmann has served as the director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry for nearly 30 years, which has furnished her with a unique opportunity to guide many around the world in techniques such as healing prayers and affirmations, visualizations, partial fasting, and more. Her work over these years has … Read More

Join Us in Praying for Others

Would you like to feel God’s healing presence flowing to others through your hands and heart? Every month we receive hundreds of prayer requests from people around the world, and a few names are privately shared with each member of the Healing Prayer Circle. Any sincere person can serve as a channel of healing. We’ll train you in techniques for … Read More


Why Are People Angry at Me?

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from proincm: 1 year before i start meditation and affirmation, but now almost every man are get angry to me! im really scare right now.. how i can solve this problem? please help me