What is the Point of Prayer?



What is the point of praying when Yogananda says that you can not get more then you deserve? If I deserve little I will get little. It doesn’t matter how much I pray or meditate. It’s all a waste of time. Am I wrong? Did I misunderstand something?

—jon, norway


Dear Jon,

I don’t know where you are quoting Yogananda from, but I do know this; what you deserve is freedom in God. We all do, and Yogananda wanted us all to know this truth. Surely we all have Karma in motion and what is ours will come to us. How we perceive what comes to us is one of our spiritual challenges. When we feel that what is happening in our lives is good, we are happy, when we don’t like what is happening, often we are unhappy. Feeling God’s love and joy is not dependent on any outward circumstance — it is our birthright and we must cultivate our awareness of it through prayer, meditation and devotion. When praying for yourself, pray only for the ability to align yourself with God’s will, and for the power to carry that out.

When you meditate and feel God’s presence, then pray for others as Yogananda taught us to do with Divine Will healing. “Divine Mother thou art omnipresent, thou art in all thy children, thou art in (add a name here), manifest thy healing presence in their body, mind and soul.” Rub your hands together and then hold them out, feeling God’s power flowing out through them to whomever you are praying for. Chant AUM three times. Leave the results in God’s hands. The channel is blessed by that which flows through it.

In Joy,
Nayaswami Sahaja