A Disappointing First Meditation Experience?


I decided to try meditation for the first time. I did the method of relaxing my whole body then counted down from 100. That’s when I first noticed the numbness enveloping my entire body, even my breathing felt numb as if I weren’t even breathing. Then the tingling sensation, at first only slight in my legs then my entire body, it felt like I was going to explode out of my body. Just as I got the sensation of leaving my body I panicked and I severed the connection. Terrifying, any advice?

—Adam, Australia


Dear Adam,

We are sorry to hear of your unhappy experience the first time you tried to meditate. It is important for you to try again, but this time, be sure to pray for help and guidance from the Great Ones and to use the exact methods they suggest for beginning meditation.

The method you mention (counting down from 100) is not a meditation technique offered by Yogananda. We are not saying that this would be the exact reason you experienced what you did, but still, whenever you meditate, do ask for help!

Here is a good suggestion. Watch a FREE “Beginning Meditation” presentation from Online with Ananda. It offers Yogananda’s ““tried and true” methods for meditating safely and with the right kind of guidance. If that feels good, then sign up for the 6-weeks course: “Learn to Meditate.” This will help you to avoid what you experienced, plus offer you plenty of opportunities to ask questions from our experienced meditation instructors. Simply go to www.ananda.org.

Finally, what you have experienced is not all that uncommon. But with just a little guidance from experienced meditators, you will easily understand how to change your approach to meditation and not be terrified again by what you experience. Meditation is a wonderful activity — really the best!