Guided Meditation for Calming the Mind and Nervous System

Dr. Peter Van Houten

Dr. Peter Van Houten leads a 13-minute guided meditation and teaches us a simple breathing technique for calming the mind and nervous system.
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Guided meditations include focuses on:
– Inner balance
– Healing
– Peace and joy
– Love
– Awakening the chakras
– Connecting to your divine power

Dr. Peter Van Houten is a longtime meditator and teacher at Ananda. Dr. Peter Van Houten is a family physician with close to 40 years of real world experience in primary care medicine. He is nationally known for his pioneering work integrating meditation and behavioral healthcare into the medical setting. Sierra Family Health Center, which is the clinic he founded in 1982, has been widely seen as a leader in this field. His background includes his medical training at the UCSF School of Medicine. He has published two books promoting yoga as a therapeutic tool which focus on treatments for common medical problems like insomnia and headaches. These were among the first books ever published bringing yoga therapy into the medical office setting. He has lectured extensively on the transformation in brain function brought about by meditation and spiritual practices. Well-known for his charitable works, Dr. Van Houten’s clinic cares for a large indigent population in Northern California using cutting edge behavioral therapies as well as traditional medicine.

Peter has co-authored Yoga Therapy for Headache Relief and Yoga Therapy for Overcoming Insomnia. He also maintains an active interest in ongoing research into the subtle and powerful relationships between brain physiology and personal spiritual development.

Ananda, which means “divine joy” or “bliss”, is a spiritual organization dedicated to sharing the heart of Paramhansa Yogananda.