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The Four Aspects of Mind

Swami Kriyananda
September 29, 2011

The Bhagavad Gita shows us in allegorical form how man came from spirit and manifested from vibration into material form.

The dialogue between Krishna (guru) and Arjuna (humble disciple) illustrates how we gamble away our happiness and peace of mind playing with the delusion and desires of this world. Warning: The dice are loaded.

Swami talks about the aspects of mind: (1) Mind (Mon) — receives impressions from the outside world; (2) Intellect (Buddhi) — identifies forms; (3) Ego (Ahankara) — associates and aligns itself with form; and (4) Feeling (Chittwa) — attaches us emotionally to form. We are only caught in delusion when we become attached through feeling through our likes and dislikes.

Everything is a dream of God. This dream can hold us for as long as we are attached and for as long as we wish.

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