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The Power of Self Acceptance

Kalamali Joy
August 17, 2013

Kalamali, the author of the book, The Yoga of Marketing, opens up about her journey in mastering the skill of self-acceptance through meditation.



Meditating Is a Way of Self-Healing

I've made meditation almost the central component to my life. I've never been so... just happy on the inside.

One thing that meditation has really meant to me in my life is a sense of everything is okay. I accept everything as it is. I'm more able to expand my sense of awareness, as well, so that my whole experience is heightened and it's more fulfilling.

And meditation for me has really helped me to get to know myself on the inside. It was something that I could only earn by going within myself.

Meditating daily and bringing that expression into my life has made me find what it was I was really searching for.


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