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Inspiration and music came into my life at age 6 when I announced to my parents that I was going to play the cello. By 16, I was drinking up inspiration from the Tanglewood and Aspen Music Festivals and sharing inspiration onstage as soloist with the Pittsburgh Symphony.


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Answers to Spiritual Questions

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Guests?

Dear Som, I do feel for you, and have been in similar situations myself where I had a hard time making a tough decision. I can’t help think, though, of a humorous short story by PG Wodehouse, entitled Goodbye to ... Read More

Words for “Deliver Us from Delusion”

Dear Jeff – thank you for your question, and yes, sometimes it is difficult to grasp all the words in chants, producing humorous results. For instance, “Lord, I am Thine” can be misheard as “Lord, I am dying…” Always a ... Read More

Music that Raises – or Lowers – the Emotions

Dear Alan – what an excellent question, and a very important one! The fact that you are wondering if you are spiritual indicates that you have a high degree of spirituality – even to want to know God takes very ... Read More

Songs and Prayers for Children

Dear Amber – yes, there are quite a few children’s songs that I think you would like. The first is Guide Me Lord: 1. Guide me, Lord, throughout this day; In all I do, in all I say. Tell me ... Read More

The Power of Uplifting Music

Yes, Yogananda wrote quite a bit about the power of music! A great place to start is in Chapter 15 of the Autobiography of a Yogi. Don’t let the title of the chapter throw you off: The Cauliflower Robbery! Yogananda ... Read More

Tapping into Divine Inspiration

An excellent question, and an ability well worth developing! Two things are needed: energy and receptivity. One of the first things to check is your own energy — if you are feeling stuck, you may feel like your energy is ... Read More

Is Chanting Necessary?

Dear Samuel, I’m glad that your devotion is deepening with meditation and practicing of the presence. Isn’t it amazing how many spiritual tools we have: Meditation, yoga, chanting, energization, affirmation, japa, diet, pranayama, healing prayer, just to name a few! ... Read More

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