Nayaswami Indradevi currently lives at Ananda Village and serves with the Care & Aging Ministry. In her first week of college she read Autobiography of a Yogi and found her guru. Seven years later, in 1980, she found Ananda, came to the Ananda Meditation Retreat, and discovered the life she’d been looking for. Participating with Ananda in the San Francisco Bay Area she graduated as an Ananda Yoga teacher in ‘82, and traveled frequently with Ananda’s pilgrimage tours. She and her husband, Bajrang, moved into the Ananda Palo Alto community in ’89, and to Ananda Village in 1990. Embracing active roles in the community, as well as helping to run their Antiquities business, Indradevi served at Crystal Clarity, Publishers as the Ananda Pilgrimages coordinator, helping at trade shows and assisted with Swami Kriyananda’s foreign publishing rights. She later served Swami Kriyananda doing secretarial support, travel arrangements, and cooking. Indradevi and Bajrang, designed and curated the display of relics at Shrine of the Masters since its opening in 1994. Indradevi spent many years on the teaching staff at the Expanding Light Meditation and Yoga Retreat, including being on the AYTT teaching staff. After managing the 2006 San Francisco book launch for Kriyananda’s book, Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, she served 10 years with the Ananda Village management team, and then as the Ananda Meditation Group Coordinator at Ananda Village.

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