Healing Power of the Cosmic Chants

I wrote this article to help devotees gain insight in how apply the healing “recipes” in When To Use These Songs, by Paramhansa Yogananda.  For many of the chants, Paramhansa Yogananda’s comments suffice, especially when you read the words of the chant with that understanding fresh in your mind. I’ve added a few insights when it may be helpful or … Read More

Opening to Divine Abundance

This e-booklet, Opening to Divine Abundance (below) has helped many people who applied these principles with vigor and attention. Print it out and use it as a daily workbook if you are facing financial challenges or unemployment. Watch this first, as an overview… This affirmation, below, is also very helpful: A Healing Prayer Affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda Focus deeply at the … Read More

The Three Hermits

The Law of Miracles From: Chapter 30, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda The great novelist Leo Tolstoy wrote a delightful story, The Three Hermits. His friend Nicholas Roerich has summarized the tale, as follows: “On an island there lived three old hermits. They were so simple that the only prayer they used was: ‘We are three; Thou art … Read More

Finding God in Your Family

Over the years, many friends and acquaintances have asked me to write down my ideas regarding children, especially in terms of helping them to open up to their own spiritual nature, but also in the more practical areas of life. Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: The Task of Motherhood Is Holy Chapter 2: “One foot in front of the … Read More

Advanced Healing Prayer Technique

From the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda Many blessings flow from this practice, and some individuals are healed after one deep session. TECHNIQUE FOR CHANNELING DIVINE ENERGY In Person, or at a Distance Prepare with prayer and meditation. Sit erect. Gently tense and relax the whole body. Calm yourself. Touch the medulla once, in order to make it easier for you … Read More

When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

By Mary Kretzmann Excerpted from “Finding God in Your Family” Children ask about the beginning of life. It may come up after they heard something on the schoolyard, and when we the parents aren’t quite ready for it. It might be sparked by things in movies, discussions at school, or by items in the news. And, of course it comes … Read More

Healing Products

A Healer’s Handbook Channeling the Light of Yogananda and Christ Mary Kretzmann has served as the director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry for nearly 30 years, which has furnished her with a unique opportunity to guide many around the world in techniques such as healing prayers and affirmations, visualizations, partial fasting, and more. Her work over these years has … Read More

Join Us in Praying for Others

Would you like to feel God’s healing presence flowing to others through your hands and heart? Every month we receive hundreds of prayer requests from people all over the world. These requests are sent out via email to small, confidential groups within the Healing Prayer Circle. Please know that any sincere devotee can serve as a channel of healing to … Read More

Healing Prayer Classes

Mary Kretzmann, Director of Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, offers regular healing prayer classes at the Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village. The classes offer Yogananda’s techniques of using will power and Cosmic Energy for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. You will learn: Yogic healing methods Techniques for increasing vitality Affirmations for self-transformation How to use sound for harmonizing physical, mental, … Read More

Treasure chest, by Marco Antonio Morales

Family Life Treasure Chest

Please enjoy these free resources to enhance your family’s spiritual life. By Paramhansa Yogananda: Prayers for True and Lasting Love  Do’s and Dont’s of Good Parenting Prayer Demands for Children By Swami Kriyananda Spiritualizing Family Life Education for Life Life’s Little Secrets Superconscious Living Exercises – with children By Other Ananda Teachers How to Build Fulfilling Relationships, by Nayaswamis Jyotish & Devi Supporting … Read More