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Ananda Worldwide Christmas Concert 2020

December 17, 2020
Featuring a range of musical and performance styles from around the globe, including a performance of the Ananda Worldwide Virtual Choir.
NOTE: COVID safety guidelines vary from location to location; those groups singing together in person had permission to do so at the time of recording.


1. "That Night When Christ Was Born" by Swami Kriyananda (Expanding Light Ashram Choir, Ananda Village)

2. "Joy to the World" (Ananda Los Angeles Choir)

3. "El Niño Del Tambor" (The Little Drummer Boy) (Ananda Los Angeles Choir)

4. "Masters in this Hall" (Ananda Joy Choir, Assisi)

5. "Still, Still, Still" (Ananda Joy Choir, Assisi)

6. "Silent Night" (David Eby, cello, Ananda Portland)

7. "The Shawl of Gold" by Swami Kriyananda (Bhagavati & Ramesha Nani, Ananda Village)

Selections from Swami Kriyananda’s Oratorio, Christ Lives! (Songs 8-17)

8. "God Is Truth" (Karen Gamow, Ananda Palo Alto)

9. "Mother of Wisdom" (Keshava Betts, Ananda Palo Alto)

10. "To Mary There Came" (Rose Atwell, Ananda Palo Alto)

11. "The Annunciation" (Saiganesh Sairaman, Ananda Palo Alto)

12. "The Light That Was Christ" (Rose Atwell & Keshava Betts, Ananda Palo Alto)

13. "Mary and Elizabeth Meet" (Rose Atwell, Ananda Palo Alto)

14. "Hail Mary" (Saiganesh Sairaman, Ananda Palo Alto)

15. "Shepherds Awake" (Dambara Begley, Ananda Farm Camano Island WA)

16. "Christ Has Come" (Ananda Farm Family Singers, Ananda Farm Camano Island WA)

17. "Three Wise Men" (Satyana Hall, Ananda Village)

18. "The Christ Child's Asleep" by Swami Kriyananda (The Atwell Family, Ananda Sacramento)

19. "The Christmas Mystery" by Swami Kriyananda (Baraquiel Castelli & Sonal Dhir, solos; Ananda Worldwide Virtual Choir)

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