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Divine Love Sorrows (By Paramhansa Yogananda)

Brahmachari Prashad, Ramesha Nani
February 13, 2022

Divine Love Sorrows, adapted by Paramhansa Yogananda from Fritz Kreisler’s “Liebeslied”

Lyrics (by Paramhansa Yogananda)

I have been roaming,

Forsaken by Thee,

Who hast seen me groping,

Hardly ever answering.


I shall be roaming, roaming

Bursting all the bound’ries of heart.

Ever more moving t’ward Thee,

To Thy vast unthrobbing heart.


Come Thou to me O Lord,

O come at last to me.

Centuries and centuries

I have waited now for Thee.


Through endless incarnations

I’ve called out for Thy name,

Searching by the streamlets of all my silv’ry dreams.


I know that thou must come at last to steal the flowers of my heart.

In sorrow thrills I piped my love,

I sadly sing my song to Thee.

And yet I know my love must reach Thee.

Though many lives I have to wait.

On mountain crags of high devotion I sadly sing my song,

My song, my song.


With Ramesha Nani and Prashad Wang, recorded at Ananda Village, February 13th 2022.