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Sharing Meditation with Children

Hello Sarah, Sharing meditation, and spirituality in general, with children is a wonderful service to the next generation. As with many things, modeling is the best teacher; so having a good routine yourself and sharing the benefits of peace and ... Read More

How Much Maturity to Expect in Teenagers

Hello Uma, The question of teens and maturity is an immensely important issue. They don’t look like cute little children anymore, but we also need to see that real maturity is going to take a while. In the book Education ... Read More

Negative High School Environment

Hello Paige, You are not alone. Why is it that the behavior you write about is so common in our culture? Even as an adult it is sometimes difficult to find others with a refined spirit. I am not talking ... Read More

Studying in a Worldly Environment

Dear Truthseeker, Finding a spiritually supportive environment for education is a major challenge. Ananda has founded its first college in Laurelwood, Oregon to meet this need ( If your situation precludes this alternative, you can always pray directly to Master ... Read More

Sharing Spiritual Vibrations with a Newborn

One of the best practices with a newborn is to meditate with them while holding them in your lap or arms. Since they are so sensitive to energy, you will need to consciously include them in your meditation, feeling God’s ... Read More

Difficulties Relating to Women

The best way to overcome inhibitions of this sort is to meditate deeply enough so that you realize you are neither male or female. The next step is to work on seeing each person you meet as essentially a soul, ... Read More

The Calling to Be a Monk

Dear One, There are two parts to a monastic lifestyle: the outward and the inward. The outward part of living with other monks in at least partial seclusion is a huge help to most people in the sense that Master ... Read More

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