Studying in a Worldly Environment


I’m in a serious confusion as to what should be my next step. My desire has become intense to live a life of spirituality, as I’m simply fed up of living among worldly people and their worldly advises. I’ve to continue my further studies to earn my own money to live later (hopefully) at Ananda, but I cannot imagine living among "unspiritual" people for more years. There are other places for studies with spirituality, but that would feel like being disloyal to Master, whom I see as my Guru.

—Truthseeker, India


Dear Truthseeker,

Finding a spiritually supportive environment for education is a major challenge. Ananda has founded its first college in Laurelwood, Oregon to meet this need ( If your situation precludes this alternative, you can always pray directly to Master to guide you to the right people who can provide the support you need. One student I know is starting a kirtan group at her college with the idea of attracting other truth-seeking souls. Finding another place that appreciates Master’s teachings, even though they focus on another path, is also a possibility. Putting out positive energy in whatever way you can will create the magnetism that draws your answer.