Difficulties Relating to Women


I was spiritual as a child & would not talk to girls in the name of celibacy.But now I do need to interact with women in order to do my work. But it is quite difficult to get over my inhibitions. I find that i am quite fearful of talking or interacting with girls or women. I also feel quite resentful when I see my friends talking with girls openly as friends. I wd like to overcome this problem. Please help.

—Chandan, India


The best way to overcome inhibitions of this sort is to meditate deeply enough so that you realize you are neither male or female.

The next step is to work on seeing each person you meet as essentially a soul, again without gender, manifesting through a particular human form. On a more mundane level, look for opportunities to interact with young girls below the age of 10 or older women over the age of 60.