Sharing Spiritual Vibrations with a Newborn


Hello. I would like to ask a question about spiritual parenting.

I have a Newborn daughter and have been on the Spiritual path for some time now and I was wondering if there was anything I could do for her soul's spiritual development even at this age.. All the books on Spiritual education don't seem to say much about the first year of Life. Could you give me a list of ideas of what I can do together with her that can be of Spiritual Benefit to her even now? Thanks!

—Astrid, Germany


One of the best practices with a newborn is to meditate with them while holding them in your lap or arms. Since they are so sensitive to energy, you will need to consciously include them in your meditation, feeling God’s presence surrounding both of you.

Playing devotional music at different times during the day will also help. You could read spiritual books, again expanding the vibrations of the book to include your child. And, of course, there is always praying for them, as you probably already do.