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Guided Meditation on Power

Tyagini Narayani, Tyagi Shurjo
March 26, 2021

Shurjo, joined by Narayani on harmonium, guides us with chanting as a tool, taking us deep into a true experience of God through meditating on the aspect of Power.


Shurjo and Narayani:


Time for our meditation together. I hope you're already seated in a silent, quiet part of your home. Let's begin with a chant that will help today not just awaken the stillness of meditation but also just the enthusiasm and the power that enlivens our meditation.

A Meditation Song in the Form of Chanting: What is This Life?

These are the words.  What is this life flowing through my veins? Can it be other than divine? We go through, what is this energy flowing through my form? What is this power flowing through my will, and what is this consciousness flowing through my brain?

What is This Life Lyrics

What is this life flowing through my veins? Can it be other than divine? What is this life flowing through my veins? Can it be other than divine? In Thy Light, in Thy Love, in Thy Joy, I am One. I am One with the Infinite One. In Thy Light, in Thy Love, in Thy Joy, I am One. I am One with the Infinite One.

Guided Meditation Use of the Chant

Okay, everybody, let's sit upright. Let's take that power of the chant of these words. Let's increase the power by our own will by double inhaling, tensing the entire body, infusing cosmic life force into the body into every muscle, exhale, relax, release.

Again, this time go deeper, try to find the very center of every muscle, enter into it, and exhale. One last time. This time go especially into the brain. Try to focus all your attention to the point between the eyebrows, and from that point, exhale

Settle back down. Feel the spine naturally wants to elongate as the energy rushes up. Place your attention firmly, yet gently at the point between the eyebrows. Allow your shoulder blades to just rule back. Opening your chest and heart. Make sure your chin is locked in the parallel position to the floor, and just observe the body first for a moment. Feel that the energy that flows through this form is divine. Feel that the life that flows through these things is divine. And as a Divine Being reverting back to its original state, let's set ourselves upon this brief meditation knowing what is ours already, knowing who we are already.

With our willpower, dynamically engaged yet with body and mind in a state of deep relaxation, bring your attention to your breath. The breath is that final hurdle that confuses us and draws us into this body awareness, keeps the mind restless and engaged. But if we can go beyond the breath, if we can enter into that breathless state, that's where we have found, that's where we will find that divine power always present, yet not always able to express itself.

So as you allow the mind and your awareness to lock on to the breath, know that it is for a very noble purpose. Perhaps the most important mission we will ever embark upon. So don't let the mind just flit away easily. Don't let your thoughts run circles around you. Find the breath. Connect to the breath. And in come what may, stay only with the breath. Watch it like a symphony rising and falling. Dancing to its own music. Generating different states of consciousness and activity depending on its flow. How marvelous, how amazing, how powerful is this breath?

As your mind begins to deeply connect to the breath, shift the awareness of the breath to the point between the eyebrows where breath and consciousness meet as one in the very center of your forehead. Feel that same dance, same music enlivening the breath as it flows in and out unimpeded. Without control, watch from a distance, even from within yourself. Feel your awareness in your eyes. The very center of your being, and it is from that center that you watch the breath on the surface.

Adding a Guided Mantra into Your Meditation

Include now the vibratory mantra of Hong Sau. We do this every day, yet almost none of us really tapped into the power of this mantra. Because of the repetitive nature of our meditations, we get confused and think there's only so much it can give us. But today, we're going to break through all the mechanics of our meditation, all the habits of our meditation, and really feel the vibration of Hong in the inhalation, and Sau, in the exhalation. I want us to listen for it. I want us to feel it, and only then should we repeat it mentally as well, following the breath. Hear the Masters whisper inside you, Hong Sau. Feel the Guru’s voice vibrating with every flow of your breath, trying to unite more and more, the mind to the breath until breath becomes mind and the mind becomes consciousness.

Of course, thoughts are going to try their best to call upon your attention, to divert the single-pointed focus of your mind. That's all right. They exist on a different plane of reality. They don't exist right here right now. They don't exist in deep concentration, only on the periphery. So keep going deeper into the center, plumbing the depths of your being with every breath, with every vibratory cleansing through Hong Sau. Nothing can stop you.

Benefits of Focusing on Deep Breathing

(In audible). I am that I am, already Divine. There is no confusion over who we are. Only how to experience that truth more fully. The answer lies on the other side of your breath through your breath. Don't waste this opportunity, this moment. Stay with the breath. Awaken the mantra and unite it all at the point between the eyebrows, feeling the two merging as one there. Every breath that you deeply focus on is like removing one veil at a time, a veil of separation, a veil of confusion, a layer of delusion. With every breath, see how clarity, stillness, joy begins to set in. And whatever experience naturally comes to you through Hong Sau, now substitute that feeling, whether it is a joy, whether it's calmness, whether it's the light, whether it's a sense of deep love, whatever that feeling, that experience, let go of the technique and substitute your awareness now solely on that feeling.

Still at the point between the eyebrows with your uplifted gaze, draw this divine manifestation into you through the portal of superconscious experience. Don't be content only to feel it now; expand into it and allow it to expand into you, merging as one, until the experiences all that exists. There is no more you to experience. There is only joy, only peace, only light.

Let every crevice of your being be filled with a natural state of who you are right now. No more pretending, no more confusion. This is you.

The more we focus on this feeling, on this manifestation, the more it integrates into the brain, into our nervous system, through the spine into the chakras, rearranging your karma, rearranging your responses to the world, rearranging your magnetism. Don't let anything come in between this process now. Go deeper. Keep expanding into this sense, into this feeling, into you.

Feel all your awareness, all your energy centered solely at the spiritual life, no more body, no more likes and dislikes, attachments and desires, only God, only the Divine. Nothing else exists.

And with the power of God and Gurus now flowing through you in as close to its purest form as possible, feel now there's energy flowing through your veins through the nerves, especially into your heart, and from your heart, feel it spread out. Watch it enters into your arm, down the upper arms, into the forearms. From there, feel it entering into the palms of your hand; feel the energy already there. Feel Divine power pulsating through your fingers and then bringing them together, gently rubbing them and then a little faster, a little more powerfully magnetizing; feel that heat and energy build and now let us share. Allow this power to flow through us even more powerfully as it entered in our meditation.


Aum Aum Aum,


Aum, Shanti Shanti Shanti


Continue to just feel this lifeforce, this energy, this experience still entering deeper and deeper layers of your being. Your awareness still centered at the point between the eyebrows and even as you hold on to this state of being.