Relax Into Infinite Space — Guided Meditation

This powerful visualization by Swami Kriyananda, accompanied by soothing music and images, will help you feel relaxation and space in each body part and prepare for deep meditation and experience of peace. Release tension, feel calm, and expand your consciousness, guided through visualization by Nayaswami Diksha. Transcript Nayaswami Diksha: We’ll begin with two breathing techniques and then a visualization to … Read More

Guided Meditation on Light

Tyagini Narayani joins Tyagi Shurjo as he guides us in a spectacular fluid journey into the Light after they first lead us in chanting Who is in My Temple. Transcript Shurjo and Narayani Let’s try our best to go as deep as we can to really remember both, whether it’s from the technique perspective but also from the perspective of … Read More

Guided Meditation on Power

Shurjo, joined by Narayani on harmonium, guides us with chanting as a tool, taking us deep into a true experience of God through meditating on the aspect of Power. Transcript Shurjo and Narayani: Time for our meditation together. I hope you’re already seated in a silent, quiet part of your home. Let’s begin with a chant that will help today … Read More

Samadhi (Poem by Paramhansa Yogananda)

Enjoy a new visual interpretation of Yogananda’s famous poem “Samadhi”, read by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda. (best viewed in full screen mode) The background music is Saturn from Gustav Holst’s The Planets. Transcript Swami Kriyananda reading (music in the background): Vanished the veils of light and shade, Lifted every vapor of sorrow, Sailed away all dawns of fleeting joy, … Read More

Guided Meditation with Gayatri

Join Gayatri for this guided meditation as she leads us through feeling a greater sense of peace and calmness in the midst of our bustling lives. Experience the art of bringing Yoga into your daily life at the Ananda Village Internship Applications open for our Summer 2021 cohort! You might also like Ananda Course in Meditation. Join our Virtual Community.

Be Filled with Lightness! Guided Meditation with Sita

In the English language, the word “light” has a double meaning. It can mean illumination and brilliance, and it can also mean “lightness” or a feeling of ease. This guided meditation is appropriate for all meditators, whether brand new or experienced—all can tune into a sense of light and be filled with lightness! Joy! Transcription [Below is a verbatim transcription … Read More

Spiritual Surrender

Paramhansa Yogananda explained that spiritual surrender means self-offering of one’s will to God. It is not passive, but an active offering of oneself into the will of God. Experience the power of self-offering of oneself to God, through this guided meditation, sounds of ocean waves and soothing music. Transcript Nayaswami Diksha: [The chant “I Am the Bubble” is playing softly … Read More

Guided Meditation by Nayaswami Krishna

Nayaswami Krishna leads you in a 25-minute guided meditation for finding peace and calmness within. More meditations in our free app: Ananda Meditation is the only meditation app based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Learn how to meditate, practice ancient yogic techniques, and go deeper in the joy of your own Self. – Start a new practice or … Read More

Guided Meditation in Nature

Nayaswami Susan leads you in a 12-minute guided meditation in the beautiful forest at Ananda Meditation Retreat. More meditations in our free app: Ananda Meditation is the only meditation app based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Learn how to meditate, practice ancient yogic techniques, and go deeper in the joy of your own Self. – Start a new … Read More

Guided Yogananda Meditation Practice with Melody Hansen

Let experienced yoga teacher Melody Hansen guide you in this uplifting and deeply relaxing 28 min meditation. Recorded in a beautiful garden at Ananda Village. Melody Hansen is a longtime yoga and meditation teacher and lives at Ananda Village, California. Here are more teaching videos with her.

Meditation for Starters with Visualization (With Swami Kriyananda)

ABOUT SWAMI KRIYANANDA In 1948 at the age of twenty-two, Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) became a disciple of the Indian yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda. At Yogananda’s request, Swami Kriyananda devoted his life to lecturing and writing, helping others to experience the living presence of God within. He taught on four continents in seven languages over the course of 65 … Read More

Guided Meditation for Everyone

Meditation is for everyone! If you have the desire and willingness to meditate, then you can! Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Chanting is half the battle.” Chanting quiets the chatter of the mind and awakes the heart’s natural love and devotion. When offered up to the Infinite, our efforts are matched and we are blessed. Chant: “Come Out of the Darkness, Mother.” … Read More

Guided Meditation with Suryadas and Chandi

Join Ananda Sacramento online on Monday evenings at 7pm for a free half-hour guided meditation. Suryadas and Chandi will lead you through the process of relaxation, breath control, inner concentration and expansion of consciousness. The practice of meditation brings us peace of mind, stress reduction, and a deeper sense of well being. These guided meditations are well suited for people … Read More

“Take this darkness away” — Guided meditation with Sita

“Take this darkness away,” guided meditation with Sita. Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, when the sun is highest in the sky and there is more daylight than any other day of the year. While the outer light changes in intensity and duration, meditation helps us to open to the ever-present inner light of Divine Mother. “Who tells me Thou art … Read More

Rise Above the Crashing Waves of This World (Guided Meditation with Sita)

Meditation helps to uplift our consciousness. How often do we feel as though we’re drowning in a sea with waves crashing all around us? Of course we can look for a raft to hold onto, but we’re still with the crashing waves. When we meditate, our awareness is uplifted. When we fly over the ocean, we can see that there … Read More

“Door of My Heart” – Guided Meditation With Sita

“Door of My Heart,” guided meditation with Sita Meditation calms disturbances of the heart. An agitated heart is like a lake that churns with countless ripples. A calm heart is akin to a lake that is as still as glass. Thereby, it perfectly reflects, without any distortions, the golden moonlight.

“Calm the Heart Effortlessly,” Guided meditation with Sita

“Calm the Heart Effortlessly,” guided meditation with Sita “Should one thank God for His gifts? a student asked. “Thank Him, rather, for His love,” replied the Master. ~The Essence of Self-Realization, Swami Kriyananda “Door of my heart, open wide I keep for Thee. Will Thou come, will Thou come? just for once come to me? Will my days fly away … Read More

Guided Meditation with Suryadas

Ananda Sacramento Online Guided Meditation with Suryadas and Chandi Suryadas and Chandi will lead you through the process of relaxation, breath control, inner concentration and expansion of consciousness. The practice of meditation brings us peace of mind, stress reduction, and a deeper sense of well being. These guided meditations are well suited for people who are new to the practice … Read More

From Restlessness to Calmness (Guided Meditation with Sita)

From Restlessness to Calmness,” guided meditation with Sita “O Spirit! Ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss! Take away from my mind the weight of indifference and forgetfulness. May I drink the nectar of Thine ever blessed presence.” —Paramhansa Yogananda, Metaphysical Meditations Chant: “O Thou King of the Infinite, I behold Thee in Samadhi. In joy and in more joy, In Thy light … Read More

“A Meditation on Love” – Guided Meditation with Sita

“A Meditation on Love,” guided meditation with Sita “Praise the Lord!” Whenever I hear that expression, I think of God as a rich, pampered lady! “He doesn’t want our praise. He wants our love.” ~The Essence of Self-Realization, The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda, by Swami Kriyananda “One finds love not by ‘being’ loved, but by loving. We can never know … Read More

Guided Meditation: Wellspring of Peace Within

“Wellspring of Peace Within,” guided meditation with Sita Have you ever been upset and someone said to you, “Calm down!” Did it help? Probably not. Once the energy is moving in the direction of being upset, it’s nearly impossible to ‘think’ our way to a better mood. The moody energy has a magnetism of its own. Using the breath helps … Read More

“Meditation Can’t Wait” (Guided Meditation with Sita)

“Meditation Can’t Wait” – guided meditation with Sita “Everything else can wait, but your search for God cannot wait.” —Paramhansa Yogananda Words to chant: “You fill my heart with music; I dance through life with Thee. I sing your song and sorrow’s gone, In joy I live ever free.” (words by Nayaswami Asha, music by Swami Kriyananda)

Meditation for Health and Vitality

“Meditation for Health and Vitality!” with Sita Tocco Good health is often perceived as a mere absence of disease. But good health, as Swami Kriyananda writes, “is a radiant state of inner well-being.” Affirmation: “My body cells obey my will: They dance with divine vitality! I am well! I am strong! I am a flowing river of boundless power and … Read More

Portable Paradise of Peace (Guided meditation with Sita)

“Portable Paradise of Peace,” guided meditation with Sita Who amongst us isn’t seeking peace of mind? As it says in the Bagavad Gita, “To the peaceless, how is happiness possible?” Meditation doesn’t add peace. The techniques remove the tension and restlessness that blocks our inherent state of peace. Yogananda said that once you practice meditation, you realize that all along … Read More

Meditation on the Spiritual Eye

Nayaswami Maria shares this inspiring guided meditation by Swami Kriyananda during her Sunday Service at Ananda Village, January 29 2023. You can find the complete talk here. Transcript Nayaswami Maria: Being Comfortable and Relaxed During Meditation I’d like to ask you to just close your eyes and sit with a spine tall and relaxed and bring your attention to the … Read More

“Things are looking up!” — Guided Meditation with Sita

Most of us know to ‘look up’ or look at the point between the eyebrows when we meditate, but what does this mean exactly? “To concentrate at the point between the eyebrows, look upward – not crossing your eyes, but converging them slightly as though you were gazing at your thumbnail outstretched above you. The important thing is that your … Read More

Meditation for Peace-Of-Mind (Guided Meditation with Sita)

Enjoy a thirty-minute guided meditation with Ananda meditation teacher, Sita from Ananda Seattle. This meditation is appropriate for all levels, from experienced to brand-new meditators. Reading: Whispers from Eternity, Paramhansa Yogananda: “No loud of whispered words of prayer shall steal away my love. With the soul’s unspoken language I will express my hunger for Thee. Thy voice is silence, and … Read More