Hand in Hand

All we know about my father’s upbringing is that he lived alone with his grandmother. He was very secretive about why or when his parents left him, and even whether or not they were still alive. Alcoholism apparently figured in there somewhere. Sometime in his childhood he was struck by a paralytic disease, which weakened the right side of his … Read More

Tips for Staying Young at Heart

Swami Kriyananda said that even at age 20, some people have already become what his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, called “psychological antiques.” Here are suggestions by four women from Ananda Village about how they stay physically and mentally youthful. Sabari Staying youthful is an attitude for me. I never think of age, I think of staying positive in my thoughts. For … Read More

Can Karma Be Good?

Recently a member of Ananda Seattle was hit by a car. This is an article about it by a friend of his who writes for New Spirit Journal: For most people, the word “karma” indicates something wrong. If something negative happens, the usual response is that we must have done something wrong in this lifetime or another. Other people have … Read More

Evening Hospice

In 2006, Swami Kriyananda wrote the 12 Precepts of Evening Hospice. When I first read them I was stunned. It was obvious that these 12 precepts were not just something that you would want to address at end of life, but in fact, were guidelines for living! In a letter Swami sent out he stated: “The word ‘hospice’ is defined … Read More

An Unexpected Healing

Swamiji stood with one hand on my husband’s shoulder, and the other hand on my spine. His fingers were right where the karma was lodged.

The Healing Dance

I had seen Divine Mother in moments of beauty and joy. Now She was showing me that even in my darkest moments, She remained with me. I didn’t need to hide anything because, in Her great compassion, She loved me unconditionally.

Nature: The Great Healer

Bharat invites us all to reconnect with the natural world and to share our connection with others. From a profound immersion in the natural world, the reader comes to the highest purpose of nature awareness — the experience of the still, joyful center of his own being.

10 Affirmations for Everyday Life

How Affirmations Work It is well known now how powerful thoughts can be. There are numerous studies about the placebo effect that show that we can heal and improve ourselves when we believe that change is taking place. In most of these studies, however, the subjects don’t get to choose which area of their life they want to change. Affirmations … Read More

Keys to Wellness

Good health results from a strong unobstructed flow of life-force to all areas of the body; illness, moods, apathy — in fact, all negative states — are symptoms of a conflict or blockage of the life-force. One of the great benefits of meditation is a gradual freedom from these conflicts.

7 Years to Heal

They say it takes seven years for all the cells in the body to fully regenerate. A year ago both my mother and I completed a seven year cycle. Before those seven years both my mother and I were known to be active energetic people. At the beginning of those seven years we both noticed challenges with our health. At … Read More