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How Can I Feel Rejuvenated?

Rejuvenation means to live fully and to prolong youth to the end of your days. Some people have good bodies to start with, while others have always been sickly. This is due to past karma. You must know how to rejuvenate the body not only through proper diet, but through energy, by developing will power. You can bring energy into … Read More

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How Do I Receive Divine Healing?

Perfect health is given by God but disease is man-made. God wants His children to enjoy health and happiness, but they create disease and sorrow by breaking His laws. God is harmony. When man, who is made in God’s image, leads a disharmonious life, he hurts himself. God does not punish man. Man punishes himself when he reaps the results … Read More

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Is There a Way to Overcome Sorrow?

Being made in God’s image of joy, we were not meant to suffer pain. Pain first appeared in man as a way to warn him of the advent of inharmonious sensations detrimental to the body.  Later, instead of proving itself to be a friend or a guide, pain turned out to be a veritable torturer, causing mankind’s tears to flow. … Read More

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How Can I Improve My Memory?

Memory is that faculty of the conscious mind which, through the help of the subconscious mind, can recall any past conscious experience. Always awake, the subconscious mind is buried beneath the conscious mind, working during sleep, and constantly memorizing experiences during the state of wakefulness. In order to perform important duties, recall valuable experiences for daily use, one must be … Read More

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How Can I Conquer Anger?

Whenever a desire is obstructed or contradicted, it usually results in anger. If this is the cause of your anger, first find out whether your desire was good or bad. If it was bad, you should be grateful to be released from the possibility of wrong-doing. Always try to be firm, but also calm. To be overcome by anger is … Read More

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How Can I Be Healthy?

The word “food” is usually used in connection with material nourishment, but there are other kinds of food, namely, mental energy (or concentration) and divine wisdom. Material food recharges the body battery; concentration the mind battery; and divine wisdom the soul battery. What distilled water is to a wet battery, food is to the body battery. The life energy in … Read More

Health and Healing

Transcending Suffering

Have you ever gotten food poisoning? After eating out the other week, I was feeling sick to my stomach. When we got home Dharmadevi gave me some Goldenseal tincture which is a healing herb. I’ll spare you the unpleasant details. Suffice it to say even though my soul wanted to march on, my body went down for the count! I hammed up my role as the sick person and jokingly started to seek self-pity. I asked Dharmadevi, “Did you tell …

Health and Healing

Reclaiming our Wholeness with Flower Essences

The Three Qualities of the Universe The ancient yoga teachings stated that the food a person eats affects his state of consciousness. Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the world-renowned Autobiography of a Yogi), in his wide range of teachings, explained that specific spiritual influences are inherent in certain foods. Such influences include cereal for strength of character; beets for martial vigor; … Read More

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Guided Healing Meditation

Mary Kretzmann leads a 36-minute guided meditation for healing. She is a long time meditator and Ananda teacher and guides its healing ministry.

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Peace and Harmony for the U.S. Elections

As I was leaving my house on Saturday to go for a walk around the pond near my home, I spoke briefly with my landlord. He was sharing his anxiety around the upcoming elections and the “ugliness” that has become more visible in our country as a result. He and his wife were leaving town to assist with a campaign … Read More