I Feel Dizzy After a Standing Forward Bend in Yoga Practice


Hi Friends,

Sometimes coming up out of postures like the standing forward stretch with clasped fingers outstretched behind I get a little dizzy ( occassionally have needed to rest against something for support ). Sometimes it feels like I am swaying gently side to side aswell. What is the dizziness/ light headed ness symptomatic of? Is this more to do with increased energy or blood pressure. GP always says my bp is fine. Am I trying to fly too high too quickly?.

Thanks for your advice.


—Cyril, Ireland


Hello Cyril,

What’s happening to you is quite common, and it is usually related to blood pressure. People with low blood pressure are especially susceptible, but it can happen to anyone. A sudden reversion to the upright position can cause a significant lowering of blood pressure in the chest and head, a shift that’s more than the body’s circulatory system can compensate for gracefully.

Try either or both of these remedies:

  1. Come out of the forward bend very slowly, using several breaths to exit.
  2. As you come out of the pose, keep chin to chest. Even once you’re upright, keep chin to chest for several breaths before straightening your neck.

For most people, either or both these of remedies are all that’s needed. If the sensation continues, it may be prudent to stay in the forward bend for a shorter length of time.

Blessings on your practice,