Seclusion Is the Price of Greatness


Dear Gurubhais, Master says 'Seclusion is the price of greateness'. I would like to spend some 5 days in seclusion. Give some suggestions so that I can make the best out of it and attune myself with Master ever more perfectly.

—Isa, India


Hello Isa,

Congratulations on taking this step. It’s invaluable to seclude – not just once, but annually or, better still, more frequently than that.

Seclusion is highly individual. What works for some people might not work for others. So tailor your experience to who you are and what you’re seeking. Follow your own rhythms in seclusion, rather than trying to impose too much discipline on yourself. Some discipline is necessary, but too much will spoil not only this seclusion, but your attitude toward seclusion in general. Whatever you do should be enjoyable as well as inspiring.

One daily flow that works well for many people is to dedicate the mornings to longer meditation, chanting, yoga postures, reading Yoganandaji’s teachings, journaling. It’s about focus. Think of it as the heart of your seclusion.

The afternoons could be for walks in nature, exercise, artistic endeavors, something that uplifts you “naturally.” It’s a time for expansiveness.

Evenings might be lighter, relaxing fare: read an inspiring book or watch an inspiring movie. Be discriminating: Don’t do anything that detracts from the vibration you wish to be living in. Be sure to meditate – and perhaps chant – before going to bed.

In any case, eat lightly, maybe even fast a little bit. Meditate before meals. Remain alone and in silence. Talk constantly with God in your heart, even aloud if you feel to. Practice japa (repetition of God’s name) as much as possible. Cultivate your divine longing.

Seclusion is a time for God-saturation. Your soul is hungering for it. Feed it.

Blessings on your seclusion,