A Past Life Experience


I sincerely wish to get your expert opinion on a recent experience of mine.I was watching a discovery channel documentary on the ancient city of Dwaraka that supposedly was submerged into sea long ago. Interestingly the moment I heard the narrator mention 'Dwaraka' my whole body began to tremble and I felt a huge rush of Joy/Melancholy sweep through my spine and I began to weep! In my mind flashed random images of a strange land and I felt I was home at last! Is this a true past life experience?

—Vinay, India


Hello Vinay,

No doubt was a very special experience, and you are blessed to have had it.

It seems to me highly likely that hearing that name awakened memories of one of your prior incarnations. Were you at Dwaraka in Sri Krishna’s time? Were you a devotee of Sri Krishna some generations after that, and developed deep feelings for “all things Krishna,” to such an extent that the mere mention of Dwaraka now would stir deep feelings within you? It would take a true spiritual master to know for sure. Therefore I cannot tell you with certainty.

But here’s something for you to meditate on: Being from India yourself, surely that television show was not the first time you had heard of Dwaraka. No doubt you were already quite familiar with most or all of its story. Yet (I assume) you did not have similar experiences in the past when Dwaraka was mentioned. Why might that be? Why this time, but not other times? What is different now?

Let me put forth the possibility that you have reached a stage in your own development where you are more sensitive, spiritually, than you were before. Perhaps there are special, beneficent astrological influences at work right now. In any case, it seems that your are more open than before, and that now would be an auspicious time for you to “raise your sail” and catch the wind of divine grace that has come into your life. Meditate deeply. Pray to Sri Krishna a prayer of gratitude and of longing, asking him to guide you to a deeper understanding of who and what you really are. He is as much with you now as he has ever been. Perhaps you are open enough to him at this time to forge a deeper-than-ever connection. May it be so.

Many blessings,