A Vegetarian, but Craving Meat


I’ve been a vegetarian for several years now. For the past few months, I’ve been craving meat, ham, bacon, and chicken. I try to eat white fish or salmon instead, but I still have cravings. If I do eat a bit of chicken, the next day my body feels hot like a coal & I feel angry. I’ve also fasted & eaten very little most of my life, but suddenly lost that ability. I feel out of control. What’s happening?

—April, USA


Dear April,

From reading what you have written, there are different possibilities to explain your craving for meat, but I don’t understand your situation well enough to have an accurate explanation and how to help you.

I would recommend that you seek the advice of an ayurvedic practitioner, in your area, who can examine you, and give you an accurate understanding of what you are going through and what to do.

I wish you all the best,