Allow God’s love to flow through you


What is the meaning of serving the God? God is the supreme, how can I serve Him?

—Siddharth Patel, India


Your question, “How can I serve God when God is the Supreme” is very simple to answer. Look at the lives of the great saints, the masters, all lovers of God. See how they serve the highest in every soul and situation with love, peace, humility and freedom.

Jesus Christ said essentially, “He who serves another, serves Me.” You can choose to be an instrument for God’s love in the world or an instrument for selfish desires.

We have these choices every moment. Which are you choosing? Which choices result in an experience of inner peace and bliss? When you experience soul peace and bliss, you know you are serving God as “the instrument is blessed by that which flows through it” (as Paramhansa Yogananda said).

Ask God to flow through you to be a channel for His Love in the world. Then be a willing instrument and allow His love to flow to others with love in your heart for the Beloved!

In Divine Friendship,