AUM technique and spiritual liberation



I have a couple of questions, i hope you can clarify

a. I have been practicing the Aum technique since a couple of days, though extremely relaxing, i cannot seem to go beyond an "electric" sound, how do i take the technique forward

b. Is a physical encounter with a living guru essential for spiritual progress

—priyal, india


a. The “electric” sound is a good starting point. Concentrate on it. Be ready for something else to come to the forefront of your attention as your concentration deepens, but don’t strain to find that “something else.” It will come in its own time, with your ever-deepening concentration. And be patient. As the expression goes, Rome was not built in a day, or even “a couple of days.”

b. It is said that the very highest spiritual state – liberation — cannot be achieved without a direct contact with the guru. However:

• Very much spiritual progress is possible without having a guru at all.

• Still more progress can be made if we do have a guru, even if we do not encounter him or her (or even any other disciples) physically

• To attain the ultimate, it is the power of the guru’s vibration that we need to encounter, not the guru’s body. That vibration can be conveyed through generations of disciples who have received that direct contact and are in tune with the guru.

So do not worry if your guru is not in the body. Seek that physical encounter with living disciples who are in tune with that vibration. They will be your living link with the guru.