I find that as my meditation deepens my body starts swaying forward and backward like a pendulum. Also I feel a sensation as if somebody is tapping at the back of my head (medulla oblongata). Although it is not painful it disturbs me. One more problem is as my focus on the 3rd eye deepens I hear a whizzing sound in the ears just as it happens when the air pressure changes as you take off in an aircraft. I want to know if there is anything wrong with these and if so how these can be rectified. Thx.

—Prashanth, Qatar


Dear Prashanth,

There are so many different sensations that can happen when meditating. While you continue your meditation body sensations usually settle down or work themselves out. The most important thing to do is to keep focusing on the meditation technique, tuning into the spiritual eye, remain relaxed and offer your love and devotion to God.

Don’t make a big deal about the body sensations in meditation. The more you think about them, the more aware you will become of them and the more they will persist. These symptoms probably will change or go away.

The swaying of the body is a sign of energy rising in your spine. About the tapping at the medulla: you should check your posture and make sure the back of your neck is relaxed and elongated. You should also check that you are not tipping your head backward slightly with tension in the medulla. The air pressure sound, is one more symptom that will go away.

Blessings, Diksha

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