Can Spiritual People Be Selfish, Cold, etc.?


Can a person be spiritual and selfish at same time, So Many people meditate these days and talk about spirituality but they can be cold and selfish, even turn their back on a person who needs their help! Spirituality just realizing God with out compassion for others or using God as excuse for turn their back! So many people call them spiritual and their acts are selfish, mean and scary, I wonder whether the word spirituality be Holy or some thing yearned by pure heart person.

—Aditya R Joshi, India


The spiritual path is a continuum and progress is relative to where you are on it.

Can a spiritual person be selfish? Of course! We are all spirit in essence. We are all at different levels of understanding of that spirit.

On any given day, a good person could make a bad judgment. I wouldn’t waste your time worrying about others. Learn from your observations and commit yourself to doing better in your own life.