Casual Sex and Moral Character


Do flings and casual sex over a long period of time have a negative effect on the moral character of a man?

Someone told me that generally men who have had a number of flings over a period of time are normally extremely short-tempered, violent, and even cunning, selfish dishonest. How true is it?

Has Master said anything on the relationship between uncontrolled sex and moral standards?

—Akshaya, India


Dear Akshaya,

Yoganandaji was very emphatic that sexual activity is a huge drain on the life-force, especially for men. Whether that manifests as violence, or lethargy, or dishonesty, or shortness of temper, or any other negative trait will depend on the individual’s own particular weaknesses, which are likely to be magnified by the dearth of life-force. That, plus the fact that sensory overindulgence of any kind leads to sense-slavery, are definite indicators of a connection between immoderate sex and moral standards.