How to Change Bad Habits?


I got stuck in a loop of having bad habits that resulted in a pile of regrets. I read motivational books but even after that i fell to my bad desires.In my life what i do is eat,sleep,doing less productive things.Even my parents death didn’t change me.I don’t know how to take ownership of my life. I thought everything will come to me with less efforts.I am 24 now .All my life i had waited for a perfect moment or a miracle to improve my life. How to repent for all my sins?

—Sorna Sundaram, India


Dear Sorna,

You are willing to change, and this is a good start.

You can break your bad habits by putting out energy in positive directions.

A habit is a thought or an action that was repeated over and over again, until it became automatic. You need to consciously redirect your energy into healthy habits and refuse to feed old bad habits.

To do so, you need strong will and determination to fight against bad habits. You can fight bad habits with won’t power. Make up your mind not to feed them, and with all your strength direct your energy into positive directions.

You can start each day, with doing some physical exercises, deep breathing, some yoga postures and meditation. Pray to God to help you succeed in your new determination to change. Then eat a healthy breakfast.

This will be a good way to start your day and get your energy moving in a positive direction.

Choose one task to accomplish each day and do it. You might choose to serve other people who are in need. Stay focused on the task until it is completed. Use your will and energy and direct them toward fulfillment of your task.

If you make up your mind to do something good, you must do it. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Pray to God to help you change yourself. But remember that God helps those who help themselves.

To be a success, you have to put out positive energy. Passivity will prevent you from succeeding.

Gradually, with patience, determination, deep concentration and will power, you will be able to redirect your energies in positive directions.

Remember: Where there is will, there is a way.

It will be very beneficial for you to be around positive energetic people, who will inspire you. You can look for a spiritual center to go to, to feel uplifted.

I hope this is helpful.


Nayaswami Diksha