Deliver Us from Delusion Chant


Please can you explain the meaning of the words to the chant "Deliver us from delusion"?



—Karen B, USA


Dear Karen,

Think ye in thy heart, lotus feet of thy Guru
If you want to cross the ocean of delusion
Shaming the white lotus in purity
Beyond all duality
Guru image of Brahma
Deliver us from delusion

The above are the words to the chant you have asked about. If we want to cross the ocean of delusion and escape from the grip of duality, we need to always keep in our heart the guru. Beyond our own efforts to attune to the guru’s consciousness through meditation and right action, it is the guru’s grace that will ultimately lift us into the light. The guru’s consciousness is pure and beyond all duality, and is a reflection of the image of Brahma, or God. It is the guru, as this messenger of God, who finally has the grace, or power, to deliver us from delusion.

In addition, a number of words have taken on other meanings today. I think the word shame is still used occasionally in the way it is used in this chant. It simply means that even the white lotus, a symbol of purity, is not equivalent to, and doesn’t even come close to, the purity of the guru, his consciousness and his power. The guru is “triguna rahitam” — beyond the power and influence of the three gunas and, therefore, or duality.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Parvati