Why Didn’t Buddha Speak of God?


Every religion emphasize on the term supreme soul or God,through which we all are manifested.Then Why Buddha not Specified the same.He talked about Nirvana but not God.

Likewise lord Mahaveera also emphasize on Kewalgyaan(supreme knowledge)but Not god. Why?

—Vaibhav, India


Dear Vaibhav,

Swami Kriyananda often stated that souls with great missions in this world tailor their teaching to the needs of the time. Here is how he described Buddha’s time: People had accustomed themselves to believing that God (and devas, etc.) would do everything for them, spiritually as well as outwardly, through the ceremonies of karmakand. A central aspect of Buddha’s mission was to get people to take responsibility for their own role, not leave it all to God, else not much will happen. For that reason, he didn’t focus on God. However, that doesn’t mean that he denied the existence of God (as some of his modern-day followers believe). He emphasized individual effort because that was the correction needed in that era.

As for Mahaveera, Swami Kriyananda did not speak of him specifically, although the fact that he lived in a time and place similar to Buddha suggests that a similar explanation might apply.