Difficulty finding time and energy for meditation and Kriya


I am a kriyaban and at times I feel I dont have enough energy to meditate or do my kriya.

I Travel a lot have a full time job have a family I have at times very good vibration for meditation and at mostly in working days lack of energy to focus or do my meditation or kriya.

—manjeri, India


Keep trying to make the time for more consistent meditation, and hold on to the feeling of those very good times you have in meditation. Sometimes we have to struggle with our karma, which can include family and business life, lack of energy, unwillingness, and more — all of which might offer seeming resistance to our efforts to meditate. Don’t be discouraged, but keep getting back into your practices every time that you can. Sometimes it’s our own resistance that finds form in those outward challenges.

Swami Kriyananda once talked about the challenge of overcoming the resistance of maya in this way:

“You go out with a raft and try to get into the ocean of Spirit. You come to one point in the beach and you get into the water, and then the waves beat you back. And so you say, “Okay, that’s not the right place to go in.” And then you go down the beach a bit, and you make another effort, and again the waves beat you back; and this happens again and again, and finally you find a place where the water no longer beats you back, and you just get taken by the water out to sea.

“So in the beginning it’s a matter of constant struggle, until, as Master put it, ‘efforts end in ease.’ After a while it becomes natural, there’s no struggle involved.”