Do I Get Bad Karma for This?


Do we incur negative karma even if we hurt someone unintentionally? A woman whom I broke up with has landed with a mental breakdown. She is almost destroyed out of pain. Will I have to face the consequences for this?

—Rakesh, UK


Dear Rakesh,

Any action — helpful, hurtful, or neutral — that comes from a place of ego-consciousness will result in karma. Even accidentally stepping on an insect as we cross the street carries a karmic consequence, though not a large one.

But the real question here is not about karma. It is, Were you doing the best you could? If you were, then you simply need to get on with your life, come what may. And if you were not doing the best you could, then it’s a lesson to do better in the future.

You cannot afford to worry about what has already been done. Just examine your actions and their consequences to see what you can learn, pray earnestly for her welfare, continue to live in the best and highest way that you can, and give the events of your life to Divine Mother. When you are doing your best, God will help you.