Do I Need to Concentrate on the Spiritual Eye from the Seat of the Ego?


Swami Kriyananda recommends looking into the third eye area from the medulla oblangata, which is the seat of the ego. Please describe the benefit of doing so - also - the disadvantage of not doing so by going straight to the third eye area. Any other suggestions to make the AUM vibration ring throughout the body. Thank you,

—Sandy Nat, usa


Dear Friend,

Lahiri Mahasaya also spoke of positioning one’s consciousness at the medulla (the seat of ego) and gazing forward to the spiritual eye during meditation. My understanding and my experience of this counsel relates to the value of becoming centered in one’s current level of consciousness as the starting point for expansion of consciousness.

It’s not that this is preferable in all cases instead of simply focusing directly at the point between the eyebrows, but it can be helpful at times or for some people.

I suggest you experiment with the two alternatives to see what seems best for you. It is also recommended to spend some time in the beginning of meditation centered in the heart chakra before “ascending” to the spiritual eye or higher centers. This, too, can be very helpful and can also be done in the third phase of meditation while sitting in inner communion.

I hope you find this helpful.

Nayaswami Hriman